Kim Gjersoe is a Danish actor based in London. Growing up in Denmark and having attended Roedkilde Teaterhoejskole, a drama school in Denmark, as well as acted in several musicals, he took a pause from acting to study academia.

This took the form of Philosophy and English at a BA level, before going on to finishing an MA at Roskilde University.

Teaching English for three years, Kim took a bent towards acting again through implementing improv, stage acting and interactive games for teaching Shakespeare and other coursework.

He moved to London to pursue an international career in 2019. Covid occurred not too long after, and so he developed his skills within voice-over and sound editing to both narrate and produce audiobooks.

He is now set in the Camden area with a homestudio for voice-over recordings and enjoys supplying vocal performances online. Kim is also a writer, having done freelance writing and translation from Danish to English, and writes fiction on the side.

He has always been fascinated by the possibilities of different worlds, characters and alternative stories, exploring these through his creative abilities. His skills as a writer allow him to dig deeper into the characters he acts, and vice-versa allows him to explore characters in writing through acting.

Since he was fourteen, he has also been trained in martial arts, eventually finding his niche in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), which has included fighting with swords, daggers, rapiers, sword and buckler, spears, and grappling.

He is also an avid gamer, particularly with Dungeon & Dragons, a game that blends improvisation, storytelling and boardgame strategy, along with video games.